A leader in the household cleaning supplies and consumer chemicals industry was experiencing the challenge of shifting the focus of their distribution channel from traditional brick-and-mortar to eCommerce.

Before the intervention, the organization was on track to over-depend on brick-and-mortar distribution, falling behind on its commercial goals. The senior leadership team engaged in the project to deliver on the promise of piloting an integrated predictive eCommerce capability that is rooted in consumer insights and real-time data delivers dynamically served content, and informs product portfolio optimization and route-to-market decisions as demonstrated by at least two global brands and two markets

The client experienced key breakthroughs in identifying organizational barriers that they needed to overcome, envisioning the ideal end state that enhanced the company’s eCommerce capabilities, and capturing outcomes of US & UK pilots as market-tested learnings.

By the client’s own calculation, this breakthrough was valued at $2 million for avoided potential costs due to stock issues.

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