Culture Trumps Strategy

Results From Insigniam’s Executive Sentiment Survey Shows Culture is The Most Critical Factor in Successful Transformation

Leaders of companies with revenue above $20B worry about culture twice as much as leaders of smaller firms.


50% of European and Asian executives said company company’s culture didn’t match actual culture vs. 40% of American executives


50% of European executives believe proper alignment is critical for successful change initiative vs. 93% of American executives who hold this belief


75% of U.S. executives have attempted a change initiative during the past two years vs. 50% of European leaders

cited increased focus and directionf or the company

reported better results

believed there is increased collaboration

Insigniam’s 2014 Executive Sentiment Survey captures a snapshot of what’s keeping global leaders awake at night and their thinking about their organization’s culture and the importance of alignment with current strategies to assure successful implementation of change initiatives.

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