Insigniam Announces 9th Annual Event Celebrating Breakthrough Performance, Innovation, and their Clients

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Insigniam, a leading international management consulting firm, serving large-cap enterprises across a breadth of industries, announces the 9th iteration of its Executive Summit. The Executive Summit was designed to celebrate clients of the far-reaching consulting firm, providing them a forum to network with like-minded executives who share similar experiences in the realm of breakthrough performance and transformational leadership.

The intent of the 2016 Insigniam Executive Summit is to leave the attending executives inspired, and with new actions they can take as leaders, and fresh, tangible insights they can take back to their respective organizations.

Sir Ken Robinson, the headline speaker at the event, will speak about “Building a Culture that Supports Innovation and Creativity.” An internationally recognized authority in creativity and innovation, Sir Ken Robinson is also one of the world’s most sought after speakers. His now famous Ted Talk “Do schools kill creativity?” is the most viewed in the history of the Ted organization, and has been seen by an estimated 300 million people in over 150 countries.

According to Sir Ken Robinson, innovation and creativity is about people, great groups of people, and is ultimately contingent upon the ambient culture in which those people operate. In his talk, Sir Ken will discuss the power of culture, how it suppresses or enhances creativity, and why the power of innovation and creativity is central to the capacity an organization has to flourishing.

“We’re thrilled to bring our network of past clients together each year to celebrate our shared commitment to transformation, breakthrough performance, and innovation,” said Insigniam co-founder, Shideh Sedgh Bina. “This is a special group of business leaders who have shed norms, rebuked trends, and have dedicated their work to transforming the practice of management and leadership with us at Insigniam.”

The event is by invitation only and will take place in early May.

About Insigniam

Over 30 years ago, Insigniam pioneered the field of organizational transformation. Today, executives in large, complex organizations use Insigniam’s consulting services to generate breakthroughs in their critical business results. Insigniam’s innovation consulting enables enterprises to identify and cross into new strategic frontiers to rapidly generate new income streams. Insigniam provides executives of the world’s largest companies with management consulting services and solutions that are unparalleled in their potency to quickly deliver on strategic imperatives and boost dramatic growth. Insigniam solutions include Enterprise Transformation, Strategy Innovation and Innovation Projects, Breakthrough Projects, Transformational Leadership, and Managing Change. Offices are located in Philadelphia, Laguna Beach, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

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