Insigniam Consultants Robert E. Johnston, Jr. and Jon Kleinman Featured on VoiceAmerica’s Quantum Business Insights

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Robert E. Johnston, Jr. and Jon Kleinman, consultants for Insigniam, a leading international management consulting firm specializing in innovation consulting, were recent guests on the VoiceAmerica show Quantum Business Insights.

Olivia Parr-Rudd hosted the segment, titled “The Power of Strategy Innovation.” It featured Johnston, co-author with Doug Bate of The Power of Strategy Innovation: A New Way of Linking Creativity and Strategic Planning to Discover Great Business Opportunities, and Kleinman, leader of Insigniam’s Design and Innovation team, speaking on the potent point of leverage that innovation can provide in a company’s strategy.

Johnston defined strategy innovation as “a methodology that enables an organization to align on a preferred future for the company by identifying new ways to create new value for the customers.” He shared that helping companies focus on their preferred future accelerates speed-to-market, citing Apple and Hewlett-Packard as examples of companies willing to create internal disruption in order to innovate in the right ways to meet that future.

Strategic innovation is contrasted against the process of strategic planning, which, according to Johnston and Kleinman, is actually more about “sustaining the fortress” rather than the creative, future-focused work of strategy innovation. They stressed that a balance is needed in order to fully realize success, with “one foot firmly planted in reality…and the other foot firmly planted in the realm of possibility.”

Johnston and Kleinman also discussed the three key areas in which Insigniam’s innovation consulting supports enterprises to move past the business-as-usual business models and experience breakthrough performance by dismantling the systems, policies and procedures that may be holding innovation back and seeing past the corporate myopia that keeps businesses focused on the wrong things. Tackling these three areas helps free up companies to be more effective in strategy implementation.

The Quantum Business Insights segment is available in its entirety at To learn more about Insigniam’s approach to strategy innovation, please visit or contact Alexes Fath at +1 610-667-7822.

Insigniam has over 25 years experience working with large, complex organizations in generating breakthroughs in their management results—whether that be in topline growth, strategy implementation, better profitability or culture change. Insigniam innovation consulting enables enterprises to identify new strategic frontiers, generate creativity and execute growth opportunities on those frontiers. By marrying breakthrough performance and innovation, Insigniam innovation consulting services are unparalleled in their potency to quickly create dramatic growth. Clients have documented, in aggregate, more than 50x ROI management results considered critical and essential to the success of their enterprises. Other Insigniam solutions include Enterprise Transformation, Breakthrough Projects, Transformational Leadership and Managing Change. Offices are located in Philadelphia, Pa., Laguna Beach, California, Paris and Hong Kong.

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