Insigniam, a leading international management consulting firm, announced today they will be entering the market in Ireland and the United Kingdom with a new office in Dublin, Ireland as the most recent expansion of Insigniam’s presence in Europe.

The expanded presence comes in response to increased demand for Insigniam’s breakthrough methodologies and unique model for consulting in the Western European business hub. Insigniam, an international consulting firm, partners with executives at the highest levels in their organizations to generate and execute on transformation and breakthrough performance in the areas that are critical to the success of their enterprises.

Barry Maloney, accountable for Insigniam’s expansion into the United Kingdom and Ireland says, “On the foundation of our already strong European presence based out of Paris, we have no doubt business in the United Kingdom and Ireland will flourish, causing measurable and unprecedented change in businesses across the city of Dublin, and throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our expansion is further evidence of our commitment to building a lasting presence in the European market and a real investment into our long-term customer relationships.”

You can contact Barry Maloney at [email protected] and (+353)-087-475-8536.

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About Insigniam

In the face of complex problems and rapid change, business as usual is not enough. To succeed, leaders must breathe life into big ideas and bold commitments. Over thirty-five years ago, Insigniam pioneered the field of organizational transformation and is a trusted partner to senior executives of the world’s best-run companies for whom speed to breakthrough, innovation and transformation are imperatives.

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