Insigniam Releases Recommendations for World Economic Forum Leadership

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

Insigniam Performance, a leading international management consulting firm, with clients ranging from Chevron, Danone and Johnson & Johnson to Sony Pictures, JP Morgan Chase and Air Canada, released a series of recommendations today for the leadership of the Davos World Economic Forum. Insigniam believes that there is an opportunity for the Forum to engage leaders differently by generating a powerful stand from possibility to drive true transformation and to craft global initiatives for change that actually make a difference.

“We work with a number of clients who are concerned with the global economy, including attendees of the Forum,” says Nathan Rosenberg, one of Insigniam’s founding partners. “Michael Liebreich’s coverage for Bloomberg highlights what we have suspected—that though the World Economic Forum features a compelling theme of transformation, the conversation at the Forum indicates that many leaders may be operating in a business-as-usual mode. Mr. Liebreich said that leaders are divided into three distinct groups—high-profile leaders, networking executives, and non-governmental organizations and academics—which can fragment the effective exercise of leadership and distort one’s view on macro-issues.”

Insigniam has developed four pathways for the World Economic Forum to consider in order to evolve leadership networking and conversations into a fundamental shift in driving breakthroughs for the future:

The Human Factor
Insigniam asserts that the organizations producing breakthrough results operate inside of a different context than those in the pack. These contexts are key components of the environments created by the leaders themselves. There is a distinct opportunity for the World Economic Forum to create a new context and corresponding practices that create transformational results globally. For example, what if the Forum was looked at as a large enterprise whose job is to create a specified economic outcome?

Cultural Transformation
Practical experience shows that cultures in enterprises and organizations that produce business-as-usual results are distinct from cultures that produce consistent breakthroughs. Insigniam’s approach to culture transformation blends the formulation of a unique and appropriate cultural framework with the tools, insights and methodology to generate consistent breakthrough performance. The World Economic Forum could move from a meeting of leadership groups to a culture of powerful and effective action and global economic transformation—from talk that produces more talking to conversations that alter our world.

Enterprise Transformation
Effective enterprise transformation requires the individuals of the enterprise to engage in a series of structured conversations that identify, unhook from and retire the influences of the past. The World Economic Forum could be transformed with Insigniam’s enterprise-wide transformation methodology. It could yield a new order of organizational dynamics and performance at the Forum in a very short period of time, with powerful, long-lasting results globally.

Elevating Leadership Performance
Insigniam’s leadership development offers support to leaders of any organization to dramatically elevate their abilities to generate results with and through others. The approach is marked by harnessing remarkable ambitions and compelling strategies not bound by past experiences or prevailing beliefs of what is predictable. This would help the World Economic Forum leverage styles of leadership across categories of leaders—government, corporate and academic—to inspire and provoke actionable, innovative thinking and commitment to more boldly impact the hard realities of the business world, versus discuss and network.

“Insigniam is socially responsible, founded on service and making a difference, and sees the global economy as something in which we have a voice and can impact through working with organizations like the World Economic Forum,” says Rosenberg. “We are passionate about the vision of the WEF and will be reaching out to Klaus Schwab, the Forum’s founder and executive chairman, to offer a pro bono engagement to help drive transformation in the global leadership community.”

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