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87% of executives say their success depends on innovation.

Is your enterprise able to execute on new strategic frontiers?

Innovation Every Day, Everywhere, Every Employee

In a recent Insigniam survey of several hundred executives, 87% of respondents say innovation is of the utmost importance for success. Yet only 15% feel their organization is prepared to deliver the needed level of innovation.

How have some organizations sustained innovative growth over decades, managing to grow profits and loyalty while reducing risks and costs? It seems as though new thinking to elevate value and launch dramatic growth opportunities is in the DNA of the enterprise, with every single employee committed to innovation.

Insigniam Innovation Consulting Approach:

The Insigniam Innovation Equation for Dramatic Growth

The remarkable results and ROI our clients have with their innovation efforts are generated from this basic equation at the heart of our Innovation Consulting:

  • Inoculate Against the Corporate Immune System
    Inoculate Against the Corporate Immune System

    In some companies, 200 people can say, “No,” and only one can say, “Yes.” And it is always easier to say, “No.” Bureaucracy, turf, and hierarchy kill the innate creativity that should be the product of the incredible gathering of talent, wisdom, knowledge and resources that are present in the best companies. Why? Because most of those folks who can say, “No,” are avoiding risk, not managing it. Insigniam Innovation catalyzes a robust portfolio of innovation opportunities fed by a continuous stream of new ideas and animated by structures to move those ideas to opportunities and the opportunities to profitable realities in the organization. The outcome? People feel more freedom, and less risk, to step out of old boundaries and the organization now pulls people to question, invent, and call-out.

  • Less Corporate Gravity
    Less Corporate Gravity

    All too often great innovative ideas grown from leaps of imagination or powerful customer insights, end up as reports gathering dust on bookshelves. There is a gravitational pull in most enterprises that holds back innovation from taking flight. This force emerges from the conflicting interests of the myriad stakeholders of any large company. The delays by “a thousand paper cuts” wear down even the most committed and creative; the people who mutter amongst themselves “they say they want innovation, but they don’t really.” Insigniam Innovation facilitates a unique process that aligns the stakeholders’ interests with the yield from the innovation activities thereby reducing corporate gravity. The process culminates with an intentional decision-making structure and clear criteria. New ideas are either approved and funded or put into an actively managed system for later recall.

  • Corrected Corporate Myopia
    Corrected Corporate Myopia

    The latest research in human brain science shows that human perceptions are shaped by past experiences. Indeed, there are times, when people do not see what is right in front of them.

    Organizations, like the people that build them, run them, and work in them, wear invisible “blinders” that limit the view of a possible future. A well-known example of this is the critical error made by railroad executives who defined their trains as being in the railroad business instead of the transportation business, thereby losing their monopoly on long distance travel because they did not seek new transportation innovations. Once this is understood and acknowledged, we work with our clients to pull back the blinders and commence the development of a proprietary future. This new frame for the business is enabled, in part, by a deeper understanding of the key current and emerging trends and the opportunities they will generate.

  • Greater Innovation Thrust
    Greater Innovation Thrust

    Companies that bet their future on innovation have a built-in advantage; their corporate senses are tuned for innovation, as they have recognized that innovation is the enterprise’s lifeblood. There is a mandate for innovation. When the corporate culture, the company’s infrastructure, and processes and practices are aligned with this commitment, the organization is propelled by innovation, rather than inhibiting it.

  • Creativity, Capability & Capacity
    Creativity, Capability & Capacity

    Stanford d.school founder (one of the world’s premier education programs for innovation), David Kelley, says that we have learned to be not creative. Through a series of structured conversations in the Insigniam Innovation initiative people let go of decisions about themselves and their understanding of the world they live in, and recover their creative abilities. The organization can foster creative capacity with a culture that nourishes creativity, when two such efforts come together, 1 + 1 = 4.

  • Effective Execution
    Effective Execution

    The most creative, innovative set of opportunities is useless if it isn’t translated into action and hard results. Effective execution is the difference between daydreams of grandeur and solid, measurable competitive advantage. It is the ticket to a potent ROI on your innovation activities. Utilizing our Speed-To-Results and breakthrough performance expertise your enterprise translates your opportunity portfolio into reality—fast. This is where the profit machine comes to life generating dramatic, sustained growth.

dramatic-growth= Dramatic growth

Using methodologies and tools honed over 25 years of working with global companies, Insigniam Enterprise Innovation Consulting uses a five-phase, collaborative process for the creation of new strategies inspired by customer insights and market foresight. This Innovation Consulting approach will enable your enterprise to stimulate creativity in selected areas as well as to identify and execute game-changing opportunities and a strategic roadmap for future growth. Ultimately Insigniam Enterprise Innovation will embed the ability to generate and execute innovation as a core competency in your enterprise.This highly effective approach is described in The Power of Strategy Innovation: A New Way of Linking Creativity and Strategic Planning to Discover Great Business Opportunities by Robert E. Johnston, Jr. and J. Douglas Bate, Insigniam consultants.

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