When business performance falls under scrutiny, it’s not unusual to discover that business units are operating within silos. Uniting them can become a management challenge too. Our client, a food-products company, faced similar challenges. Business units had a decentralized autonomy, and as the corporation expanded globally, the lack of unity became apparent as performance lagged.

The company had long used its values as a unifying point. However, as companies were acquired, units expanded, and leaders left, not everyone knew how to leverage the values within each business unit or role. 

The ROI of management development

Great management development empowers leaders to implement the enterprise vision at every level. From the farm to the factory, our client’s suppliers, workers, teams, and groups needed a blueprint that could unite their daily actions into profits and productivity.

An enterprise-wide transformation aligned units and managers. To better instill values, a “train the trainer” approach proved effective. At least three business units experienced a complete turn-around, impacting profits, and employee engagement scores were higher for participating units.

Managing for the extraordinary means mobilizing the entire enterprise. Only then can you savor the success of business performance that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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