Is onboarding neglected in your organization, and not seen as a foundation for extraordinary management results?

In the last couple of weeks, the question of employee retention and sustainable extra-ordinary management results has come up in virtually all of my business conversations. Whether in the food distribution industry, in the area of special deliveries, in chemicals, in mid-size service organizations, the onboarding process, or lack of an onboarding process, has proven to be a hot topic and a critical one for employee success and retention. With the generational shift within organizations, the needs and expectations of the new workforce have dramatically shifted.

Are we taking an effective approach to onboarding?

You may want to consider that onboarding is a foundation for extraordinary management results, and as such, merits our full attention and an effective approach.

  • Are you designing and implementing a process, from the perspective of the user, with a design thinking approach?
  • Are you managing a coherent process across businesses and regions?
  • Is your process and the user experience consistent with your employer brand and the conversation you want to sustain in the marketplace?
  • Are your onboarding practices consistent with the culture you are committed to?
  • Are you asking for feedback from new hires?

These are just a few of the questions we can ask ourselves to assess the quality and effectiveness of the onboarding process and user experience.

What are some best practices that you could share with us?

How do you see the link between onboarding and extraordinary management results?

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