A leader in the medical device industry in the United States was committed to elevating its revenue, increasing the number of products launched, and creating a culture of leadership by bringing together select high potential employees from multiple functions to develop them and take their performance to breakthrough levels.

The President of the Breast and Skeletal Division engaged Insigniam to conduct a premier leadership development program known as the High Performance Leader (HPL). His aim was to build a long-term competitive edge and high performance by investing in fostering best-in-class leadership.

The HPL was designed for senior executives accountable for the future of the enterprise who fulfill the organization’s strategy to take their leadership to an entirely new echelon of impact, inspiration, and delivered results. Participants delivered on remarkable ambitions and commitments not bound by past experience or prevailing beliefs of what’s possible. They learned to boldly promise the highest results and accountability from oneself and others, even when common sense justified accepting lower performance. They gained new capacity to manage multiple commitments with ease and power. Further, they each honed their diverse styles of leadership required to inspire and provoke innovative thinking and bold action. Finally, they were required to produce results from a breakthrough project to give a five-times return on the investment made by the company for the participant to do this program.

The participants of the HPL program delivered projects which were on track to produce $4.2 million in revenue and cost savings within 11 months of the program completion and $13 million projected average revenue and cost savings annually.

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