During my umpteenth Zoom call of the day, one of my colleagues asked, “So, when do you think we’ll all be allowed to travel for work again?”  It was an earnest and harmless question, but I noticed myself become agitated and a bit annoyed.

“I have no idea,” I responded curtly.  “Could be three weeks and it could be three months.  How should I know?”.

Questions like this one are being asked in home offices, video conferences, and virtual meetings all over the world.  There is no good, or right answer.  What’s certain is that there is no certainty in the age of COVID-19.  Much of what we have taken for granted has been upended.  As in any time of crisis, people are clinging for any semblance of stability and assurance.

But the truth is, the future isn’t (and never has been) certain.  The current circumstances we find ourselves in have just taken that fact and pressed our collective noses in it.  Certitude is an illusion.  As the popular spiritual author, Eckhart Tolle said, “Whatever you experience, feel, do, or think, it is always in the now.”

These challenging times call for all of us to be “in the now:” to work on being present, to deal with what is actually happening as opposed to our fears, worries, or anxieties about what might come to pass.  There is no “right” way to stay present: some practice meditation or yoga, others deep breathing, others by focusing on the next things there is to do or handle.  Regardless of the practice, working on being present will not only leave you more productive and effective, but it will also undoubtedly have a positive impact on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

For more information: https://positivepsychology.com/present-moment/

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