The ‘new math’ of employee accountability

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Accounting is a system for keeping track of and reporting financial transactions. Everybody knows that. Accounting can be vastly complex but at its core a simple concept — a balance statement that weighs debits and credits. Everybody knows that, too, right?

But what about “accountability?” Not everyone would define that word the same way. And hardly any of us would associate accountability with financial accounting, even though they’re very similar. Not just grammatically, but mathematically.

Mostly we think of Insigniam has an innovation equation, however, for dramatic growth.)

Accountability is when the salesperson says, “I didn’t hit my sales. These are the things I did that were effective in the current business environment. These are the things I did that were not effective.” That is the right equation, one that a manager can do something with.

Because, the manager, in this case, knows that the numbers weren’t made, which the employee is responsible for, but also knows what went right and what went wrong. The manager can do something with that information — can help the salesperson work to overcome the things that were done that were not effective.

And, after all, isn’t that the point of accountability? It’s not a method for placing blame and pointing fingers, but a means for getting better results. So, next time, do the math and solve the problem, not blame it.

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What system do you have in place to keep your employees accountable for their production?