Holy Shift!Holy Shift!: Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work

By Dan Michelson, Forefront Books, Sept. 2023

Authored by InCommony founder and CEO Dan Michelson, Holy Shift! unravels the complexities of the current transformative era, providing practical insights for leaders at all organizational levels. Addressing key questions about the evolution of work, the book offers a strategic framework and actionable playbook. Michelson, renowned for building exemplary company cultures, combines historical reflections with contemporary research to guide readers through the past, present, and future of work to create momentum and embrace the future of work with confidence.



The Growth LeaderThe Growth Leader: Strategies to Drive the Top and Bottom Line

By Scott K. Edinger, Fast Company Press, Oct. 2023

Achieving sustained and strategic business growth goes beyond conventional metrics; it requires organizations to go beyond merely communicating product or service value and focus on creating an enriched experience for customers. The Growth Leader explores how top executives drive profitable growth by harmonizing strategy, leadership, and sales. Author Scott K. Edinger emphasizes the pivotal role leaders play in shaping a compelling customer experience that adds value beyond the product. The book guides leaders on how to align growth strategies at every organizational level, from boardroom initiatives to daily customer interactions.



Venture Meets MissionVenture Meets Mission

By Arun Gupta, Gerard George & Thomas Fewer, Stanford Business Books, Jan. 2024

Venture Meets Mission paints a hopeful picture amid the world’s geopolitical, environmental, and technological transformations. In a call to action, the book advocates for the convergence of business, government, and society to collectively address pressing global issues such as climate change, cybersecurity, and education. The authors, drawing on their experiences in Silicon Valley and federal government, illustrate how mission-driven capitalism can align people, purpose, and profit for impactful changes that contribute to societal betterment.

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