June Zeringue

Insigniam Partner – United States


June Zeringue is a partner at Insigniam who has worked with C-level executives and companies in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, health systems, medical device companies, FMCG, and manufacturing.  

June is accountable for Insigniam’s portfolio of quantitative assessments.

June’s work is primarily in aligning the leadership of organizations around a common vision and/or goal. In a customized offering, June was part of a team that trained leaders in executing projects designed to cause a breakthrough in critical areas of the organization.  As a result of these projects, a medical device company saw a 560% return on investment and $2.8 million in realized revenue and cost savings.  June has been instrumental in developing over 60 leaders in a Regional Health System to design and execute Breakthrough Projects in areas including nursing workflow, creation of a PMO, improved partnership between APPs and physicians, and elevating the performance of their physician practices. 

June has expertise in working with teams to produce a breakthrough in accelerating the predictable timeline when developing an innovative product or tackling a specific business imperative. She was part of the team that consulted a home health care company to a breakthrough in their revenue cycle. In fifteen months, the company went from losing money, missing budget, and freezing increases and bonuses to a 3% increase in revenue, paying two bonuses, two merit increases, and record profits for two consecutive quarters. Lastly, she is skilled in integrating leadership teams following mergers, acquisitions, or the creation of new business units within an organization. 

June has held leadership positions for the last nine years with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association including piloting a new organizational model as a Regional Chair. She currently serves on their Global Nominating Committee. June holds a B.A. in Economics from Douglass College, Rutgers University.


Awards and Recognition

  • Honorable Mention in Contributing to Colleagues Success, Insigniam, 2023
  • Honorable Mention in Inspiring the Firm, Insigniam, 2020 and 2023
  • Trailblazer Award, Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, 2017
  • Trailblazer Award, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
  • Leader in Client Development, Insigniam, 2015, 2016
  • Chapter Excellence Award, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, 2014
  • Rising Star, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, 2013
  • Silver Distinction, 17th Annual Communicator awards, Tete-a-Tech video series, 2011
  • HOW In-HOWse Design Awards Merit Award, “Well Seasoned” marketing campaign, HOW Magazine, 2010
  • National Sales and Recruiting Award Winner, The Longaberger Company 1999-2009

Public Speaking and Service

  • Regional Chair, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, New York/New Jersey Region, 2017
  • Executive Board Member, Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, October 2013 – present
  • Executive Board Member and Treasurer, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Metro Chapter 2014 – 2016
  • Board Member and Director of Membership, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Metro Chapter October 2012 – December 2013

Thought Leadership and Articles