TRUE DIVERSITY: Going Beyond The Pie Graph, released on July 22, 2021, highlights Insigniam co-founding partner Shideh Sedgh Bina. The book by authors Jesus Leal and Nathan Williams focuses on going beyond the pie graph that has come to be a device for demonstrating diversity in business.

True Diversity recognizes that these standard methods of measuring diversity in an organization have actually become constraints against identifying and fulfilling on the power diversity offers. Grouping together individuals who are more dissimilar than they are similar, as happens oftentimes in pie graph metrics, shortchanges both the individuals and the organization. As the authors suggest, going beyond the pie graph, while challenging, can open up new, previously untapped potential for an organization.

Shideh Sedgh Bina was able to provide perspective first-hand as an Iranian immigrant executive working in business since the 1970s. Over 30 years ago, Shideh founded a transformational management consultancy, Insigniam. Insigniam partners with executives to disrupt and break through familiar and existing models to provoke new, elevated, out-of-the-ordinary business results. Insigniam has been recognized as a Great Place To Work® for five years in a row. A majority female-owned and led firm, Insigniam has also been the recipient of an HBA ACE award. Today, Shideh is also the Global Board Chair of the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association, a global nonprofit organization committed to achieving gender parity in leadership positions while facilitating career and business connections.

“Not only did Shideh contribute to the message of TRUE DIVERSITY, Shideh has played a vital role in my success as a professional,” said Jesus Leal, Pharma Exec and author. “Shideh and her colleagues have taught me how to enroll team members into believing in goals that were not imaginable, overtake entrenched competitors in a matter of months and successfully harness the power of diverse teams. Shideh understands and lives the principles outlined in TRUE DIVERSITY!”

Over thirty years ago, Insigniam pioneered the field of organizational transformation and is a trusted partner to senior executives of the world’s best-run companies for whom speed to breakthrough, innovation and transformation are imperatives. In the face of complex problems and rapid change, business as usual is not enough. To succeed, leaders must breathe life into big ideas and bold commitments.

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