Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. why should we even have a concern about leveraging inspiration in the workplace? Is inspiration at work just a buzzword? Should it be a factor at all? If you are somewhat like the executives I work with, it is likely you will fall into one of two categories.

Some of you could be offended, “What do you mean, should inspiration even matter? Where have you been all these years??”, or you will look at my bio and say to yourself, “that’s it, it’s the finance background, that explains it!”. Apologies to my ex-finance comrades, this can be the kind of background listening many people have for us in those roles–data-driven, cold-blooded animals!

Others may–silently and discreetly – be nodding their heads; “that’s right, what a hypocrisy, when was the last time I was asked if I was inspired?” Another variation could be, “sure we’re supposed to provide inspiration to our troops but when was the last time we actually put that subject on our executive committee meeting agenda?”

What if one of the issues was being able to have actionable access to inspiration and be able to effectively share inspiration?

What does it mean and how do you share it?

Among the definitions of “inspire” we find:

a. to breathe or blow into or upon

b. to infuse (as life) by breathing

How do you infuse life into your colleagues and co-workers?  What is it that triggers emotion and inspiration in yourself and others?

Working with executives, line managers, and workers of varying cultures and accountabilities, we have found that rather than “talk about” inspiration or “declare” the importance of inspiration, access to inspiration is to experience it for yourself, both through the experience of sharing what inspires you and listening for inspiration in what others share.

How often do you take the time at work to share about something that inspires you, related to work or not? Give it and try and let me know what happens!

Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us that needs to be ignited with sparks.

Johann Gottfried Von Herder

German Philosopher, Critic and Clergyman

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