The Biggest Innovation Barrier is Culture, Say 47% of Executives

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Insigniam, a leading international management consulting firm, has released the results from an exclusive survey that polled the attendees of their 2012 Executive Summit. The Summit was held in May and featured speakers such as Daniel Pink, author of “Drive” and Terrence “Terry” Akin, president and chief operating officer of Cone Health.

The survey reveals new insights on barriers to innovation, who executives believe should be leading innovation, and time spent by executives on creative or innovative work.

47% of executives told Insigniam that the biggest barrier to innovation in their companies is culture. This is indicative of the problems in corporate culture that typically inhibit the growth of innovative practices, such as the internal gravitational pull that holds innovation down, the myopia that prevents corporations from seeing possibilities for the future, and the trappings of the corporate immune system, such as bureaucracy, turf and hierarchy, that kill creativity.

“It is important that organizations take off the blinders that inhibit them from seeing the possibilities of innovation, both within their companies and in context of their business practices,” says Robert E. Johnston, Jr., Insigniam consultant and author of “The Power of Strategy Innovation.” “When companies understand not just the true nature of their business, but also the true nature of their employees, those blinders fall away and give rise to the kind of culture change that can achieve real, innovative results.”

Johnston will be presenting a workshop entitled “Innovation for Dramatic Growth: From Creativity to Execution” on October 3 at the World Business Forum in New York City with Insigniam co-founding partner Nathan Owen Rosenberg. Based on over 30 years of successful practice with the Fortune 500, Johnston and Rosenberg will discuss Insigniam’s equation for catalyzing breakthrough innovation in the enterprise.

For more information on the World Business Forum workshop, contact +1 610-667-7822. Visit to discover more on Insigniam’s innovation practices.

Insigniam is an international management consulting firm serving large-cap firms in multiple industry segments including pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer goods, transportation, banking, and finance. Insigniam clients have documented in aggregate more than 50x ROI in savings and business results through enterprise transformation, Breakthrough Projects, innovation, and short- and long-term change initiatives.

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