All the business rules have changed. In the past, you could master your market and win with few interruptions. Now there are competitors around every corner and more financial scrutiny and compliance issues to contend with. Speed-to-Results is the new imperative.

Are you capable of reinventing the rules to win the game? Our blog is a forum for those who also think differently. We’ll share our stories from the C-suite, and how we tackle tough business challenges, from enterprise transformation to Breakthrough Projects.

About us: Insigniam is a management consultancy with offices worldwide. We focus on elevating performance and helping others achieve results that have never been achieved before by giving our clients the tools and methodology that comes with more than 25 years of enterprise experience.

Breakthrough Performance

We’ve identified four areas that can lead to consistent Breakthrough Performance:

1) The Human Factor. Every aspect of enterprise performance relies on the effective performance of people. The Human Factor galvanizes the talents and creativity of every individual to perform as a team.
2) Culture Transformation. What’s the culture around your organization? Do you have the right framework and tools for your employees to achieve goals that were thought to be impossible?
3) Enterprise-Wide Transformation. Organizations are no longer linear. Before a new vision and intent for the future can happen, structured tools and methodology help reveal what’s affecting results.
4) Leadership Development. Potent leaders successfully inspire others to carry out the same vision and intent as one team. After all, the best leaders don’t have followers.

Welcome to our ongoing discussion about how to forego the status quo. In this blog, we champion those who are performing beyond business as usual. As we look at the events of the day and examine the global marketplace, we’ll share insights and offer inspiration for compelling extraordinary performance from your teams. And we hope you’ll share your stories and questions with us too.

Change your culture, change your enterprise, change how you do business every day.

Game on.

Get back into the game. For more innovation research and discussion about business innovation, check out the Insigniam innovation blog.

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