Welcome to this special edition of Insigniam Quarterly, which focuses on today’s global health care industry. While transforming health care means different things in different geographies, we have found that a vast majority of the issues are actually the same. As individual and business consumers of health care, we often do not see the background forces that are radically disrupting the resources and money available for our care. Health Care executives know them all too well: shifting demographics, increased incidence of non-communicable diseases, greater emphasis on wellness and value-based reimbursements, higher patient involvement and accountability, etc. Together, these issues have all the makings of a wicked, seemingly impossible problem to solve. However, when broken down, there is a path to success that offers an unprecedented opportunity.

Although we don’t have all the answers, we do know that the path starts with innovation. (Tweet this!) Through our experiences working with health care organizations, we’ve identified what we believe are critical success factors we will all need in our back pocket on our journey to reshape the future of health care. What is it to be accountable for our health? What does it take for a health care system to become indispensable? How can the entire patient experience be reinvented? Is it possible to embed innovation into an organization as a core competency? What about creating a mindset of well-being and expanding our horizons for access and delivery of care? Do you aspire to be a transformational leader in health care? Have we put the right technology in place? Is our health care culture guided by responsibility and accountability? Are your physicians integrated with a diversity of specializations?

While overwhelming in the aggregate, we hope to help answer some of these questions in this special issue, leading us all to a clearer vision. Consider it a health care manifesto, a playbook of sorts, outlining critical success factors to keep on your radar as we counter — and overcome — real-world, disruptive forces occurring around us. Know that the same forces that are turning our world upside down today, are leading us toward a better future. (Tweet this!) This is a rare moment in time. This is our moment to transform health care itself.

Game on.

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