Katerin Le Folcalvez

Partner – France

Known across the globe for her mastery in leading executive teams through major business transformations, strategy development, and team dynamics, Katerin Le Folcalvez heads Insigniam’s European practice. She has worked with clients across the globe in a diverse range of industries on leadership development, corporate governance, strategy design, and executive alignment.

Under her leadership, a major corporation restored a relationship with one of their main clients, resulting in a series of long-term deals that enabled them to keep their factories open for business. Katerin was also instrumental in transforming a food company’s leadership culture, helping to lift the firm’s business units out of the recession. The culture was transformed by starting from the business results that needed to be produced and from that context, defining the culture that would allow the actions to take place to produce the intended results. Once the culture was defined, practices were put into place that supported the actions for the future.

Working with one of the world’s largest consulting firms, she helped develop a strong cadre of partners, resulting in business expansion and the launch of new practices.

Her leadership helped newly merged companies in both the chemical and food industries create a common ambition and achieve superior business results. Katerin helped to align the vision for the new organization with individual goals and aspirations for the future, allowing them to see the payoffs, and let go of the past. This precipitated the legacy entities working together quickly, excited about the new world they were creating, and experiencing the richness of what was possible in the organization’s future.

She studies philosophy and enjoys learning about wine with her writer husband. She is committed to raising her two children to embrace different cultures to be responsible global citizens.

Katerin also a proud associate member of the IFA (Institut Français des Administrateurs – French Institute of Board Members).


  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, ESCP-EAP, Paris-Oxford-Berlin

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