In Part I and Part II of our case study, we outlined the challenges faced by a pharmaceutical company who wanted to be a bigger player in the generic pharmaceuticals business — which meant achieving breakthrough performance — as well as begin entry into branded drug space.

After a period of discovery, all parties involved knew that the company had to establish a greater sense of personal responsibility and accountability to reach their goal, which meant creating a culture that offered an inspiring future for everyone in the organization.

Action Plan

The first step in the plan was to enroll those who wanted to be part of this incredible journey at hand. That meant that the company allowed for staff changes. Ultimately, it was up to each individual if he or she would opt-in or opt-out, but regardless, the company was moving forward.

The plan also:

  • Set expectations with what employees expected from the leadership team;
  • Took a bold stance for that future and demanded that the team stood behind it;
  • Implemented a formal project management system and provided project management training;
  • Provided breakthrough-thinking training for all employees to enroll into a new strategy, and gave them tools for implementation;
  • Encouraged people to declare breakdowns – without repercussions;
  • Had people understand the full development process so they could see not only their piece, but also how they impacted others in the organization;
  • Standardized communication in the labs, creating a safe environment to communicate;
  • Provided rewards and incentives for hard work and results.

Prior to the action plan being implemented, people simply “did what they were told.” Now, they were each personally accountable for interpreting data and taking appropriate action.

A Focus on Research and Development

Exclusive to the R&D department – the lifeblood of the company — four goals were solidified:

  • Alignment with the work-plan
  • Quality submissions
  • Improve the technology for product development
  • Respect and inspire each other every day

To find out if the plan was successful, be sure to read our conclusion in Generic to Branded Pharma: Part IV — Results.

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