Insigniam worked with a high-performing client who had the opportunity to move into a C-suite position. She worked in one of the food company’s secondary businesses, which she had turned into a growth engine.

Although she worked well with people at her level, it was said that she didn’t play as well with people at the senior level. To move forward she needed to develop her ability to work with more analytical and conservative style leaders in the C-suite.

One of Insigniam’s leadership development consultants coached her to gain self-awareness so she could thrive at the next level. Insigniam prepared a 360-degree interview report for her with feedback from her peers, senior leaders, and direct reports. We identified her work style preferences including possible blind spots as well as under-utilized and over-utilized strengths using a psychometric tool.

The interviews and coaching revealed that she had developed an inspirational, action-oriented success strategy that was great for sales and marketing. However, when presenting to the board this style often came across as lacking the details and facts necessary to make analytical, methodical decisions.

After several months of executive coaching, she experienced a two-pronged breakthrough: 1) a fundamental shift in the way she was perceived by others, and 2) a fundamental shift in the way she perceived people, her environment and her work.

She was ultimately promoted to be president within the company in less than a year. When the CEO retired, she became chief marketing manager and worked closely with the board.

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