An airline software company needed to increase sales. They had not done business with any small airlines and did not believe they could tailor their offerings appropriately for small airlines. However, different functional groups were not taking advantage of opportunities for collaboration. Furthermore, competition between people and teams was detrimental to the company’s success and ability to meet market challenges.

The team worked with Insigniam’s breakthrough consultants to learn the breakthrough thinking methodology. They then formulated a breakthrough goal of a 25% increase in sales. They designed multiple projects to deliver on the goal. The projects and opportunities they found would provide a real transformation in sales centered on cross-functional collaboration and agility.
The organization worked to cultivate a sense of teamwork and shared success. By the end of the project, they had doubled their breakthrough goal of a 25% increase in sales and had achieved a 50% increase.

Client quote: “The notion of breakthrough is inspirational. A new openness, cast a new light on doing something I had always wanted to do but didn’t have critical mass amongst leadership. Not everyone believed in it, but enough did. I was able to go to people to help me who I otherwise would not have. There was a new openness to go after new business, enough support, and enough people. Insigniam opened the door in building trust and enrolling certain leaders.”

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