They were the Super Bowl underdogs. No one expected them to win that year. At the start of the big game, the team refused to do individual introductions. Why? They realized that their strength was not found in any one person, but was a collective strength. Innovation comes in many forms, but collaboration is a must for successful performance.

Wouldn’t it be great if business innovation teams collaborated like that football team? (They won, by the way.) Combining the creative thinkers with the analytical thinkers can automatically create tension, but the right tools can help them break down negative mindsets and align to reach the same goal and improve results.

Who’s in charge?

One of the biggest downfalls of innovation planning is the governance. Who’s in charge? How much will this project cost? How do we reach a no-go decision? A methodology is needed, and in some cases, an enterprise-wide transformation or cultural transformation.

Collaborative vocabulary

There’s no “I” in team, but there’s certainly a “U & I” in accountability. Effective innovation collaboration means pushing for a new vocabulary, where egos are set aside and team members build upon each other’s ideas and acknowledge what they heard as valuable.

Are the conversations in your enterprise collaborative or complacent? Visit and take the Breakthrough Performance diagnostic.

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