Simon Sinek’s bestseller “Start with Why” gives a great validation of what we at Insigniam have been engaging our clients to take on for the last three decades: Inspirational Leadership.

Inventing and living up to an inspiring purpose as an organization will nurture your people leading them to excel and invest themselves in the long-term success of the company.

The book gives many indisputable examples of this outcome. Yet, it left me with a question: how do we have access to inspiration in the first place? The book gives many stories of inspired individuals who inspire others. Inspiration seems contagious. Inspiring others takes being inspired oneself. Great, but what do we do to inspire others when we are not inspired by anyone or anything special in particular?

Becoming an inspirational leader requires being inspired in the first place

If you happen to be like me—not recognized at first sight by others as a walking ray of sunshine that irradiates inspiration—you might be wondering whether becoming an inspiring leader is accessible to you or it is a natural gift for the happy few.

Yet, we are all “inspirable” by small, daily things as well as world-class heroes. And at some moments, even the most profound speeches of our beloved leaders do not touch us a bit.

What if inspiration and being inspired were made possible by a state of mind or a way of looking at things that would let these things inspire us?

Inspirational leaders go to the gym or train themselves to be inspired

Being inspired is like an eye, an ear, or a muscle to be trained and developed. The more you train, the more you get performance from it. It starts with how we talk about people around us or about circumstances. What kind of look do we lay on them? What facets of things and people do we choose to consider? Those that resonate with what really has the power to touch and inspire us? Start to watch yourself, notice the experience you have, and shift your view on the world towards an inspiring one.

From the gym to mastery in inspirational leadership

Visions that move the masses start with individuals who choose to get inspired and do not give up training until their inspiration lives beyond themselves. No secret. This is an art that starts with choosing to transform the way we think and sustaining daily practice. The good news is that everyone has access to inspirational leadership.

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