A business unit in a large food production company was at a critical juncture. The business had grown to more than $150 million per year, and had a commitment to the corporation to reach $500 million per year within 3 years. The leadership team had been struggling to determine how the group would reliably achieve this result, which for some people seems far-fetched.

They hired Insigniam’s Breakthrough Project consultants to empower the team in launching new frozen products to reach their strategic revenue goal. Insigniam worked with a small team of people to create an executable, reliable, and thorough plan and then executed on that plan to unquestionably deliver a 1.7% to 2% trial of their products in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area. Utilizing Insigniam’s methodology for breakthrough performance, the team organized its work, actions, communications, and structures of accountability around the promised result for the trial. They worked from The Merlin Principle® of inventing a future and creating actions to fulfill on that future and applied breakthrough methodology to achieve the desired result.

The team’s pilot launch of new frozen food products was a success with at least 2% of the eligible population in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area trying the products. They did not lower their price to drive higher trial rates, there were no trade dealings to maintain the premium status of the brand, and the store distribution met or exceeded 65% ACV. The team had determined these to be requirement for the pilot success.

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