The VP of Global Marketing and his leadership team wanted to drive the organization to think from the perspective of consumer marketing and global strategy rather than from a simply biotech mindset. He and his leadership team knew that building their reputation in the organization as product leaders would drive more alignment and engage stakeholders.

The engagement included three phases:

  1. Reveal & Unhook – The consultants revealed the current mindset of the global team and helped the team to leave old modes of operating it in the
    past to create room for a new mindset.
  2. Invent – The team worked to develop a new vision and mindset that would enable them to build alignment and engage stakeholders.
  3. Implement – Implementing the new mindset included interviews with cross-functional stakeholders to uncover how Global Marketing was perceived throughout the organization. This data was used to design a campaign to engage consumers more effectively.

The team experienced great success. Their Credo scores jumped dramatically as a result of the enterprise-wide transformation in mindset. They became more collaborative and increased both employee and stakeholder engagement.

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