An energy company faced a crisis with a project in the Middle East. Several production holes did not deliver as planned and with the economy in decline, the company had an imperative for innovative process management. They needed to find alternative solutions quickly and prepare recommendations for their Board of Directors.

When Insigniam’s innovation management consultants began the engagement, there was a lot of finger-pointing and blaming. They engaged the team in a series of interviews to uncover the current context and conversation in the organization. This was compiled and shared anonymously with the task force at the start of a three-day work session. The work session also included insights on how to step out of “vicious circles” and how to work as a team rather than looking for scapegoats. The task force agreed to create recommendations for the Board within three months. Insigniam’s consultants followed up with the task force every two weeks to ensure the progress of the recommendations. They also provided one-on-one coaching as needed.

The task force successfully delivered a breakthrough recommendation for the project in the agreed-upon limited time frame. They explored multiple creative pathways to achieve these recommendations for the Board. They established a new level of communication and commitment with the stakeholders in the region. They also identified key partners and began the process of proactively engaging them. As a result of their initiative and committed execution, the task force succeeded in providing exceptional recommendations for handling the crisis in a timely manner.

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