If you’re looking for mediocre results, we have a formula for you. We define an enterprise breakthrough as an unprecedented outcome that gives rise to new possibilities for results in the future. Some business leaders may hear that and immediately want to know how to push their organization toward such an exciting goal.

But others may think that sounds too lofty to strive for. Too ambitious. Too hard. They’d rather protect the processes they have in place. Ignore the murmurs of a demoralized workforce and champion past success.

For those who fall into the second camp, we offer this simple equation to help them continue the status quo:

High Level of Past Experience or Success + Low Level of Generating Possibility = Business as Usual

It’s simple. Let’s examine each component.

High Level of Past Experience or Success: This portion of the formula means leaders can glory in the past. They’ve always done well, perhaps even been crowned the No. 1 company in their industry. They relish the accolades, congratulate each other in boardrooms and at international conferences, enjoy their reputation and guard it with zeal. Relying on their past “formula for success” ensures consistency, right? After all, too much change in the organization might lead to a failure that could tarnish the enterprise persona.

Low Level of Generating Possibility: This part of the equation keeps things simple: business leaders do what they’ve always done. The company produces what it’s always produced in the same manner and with the same results. The chances of developing new revenue streams or cost-saving practices and other efficiencies are as low as worker enthusiasm and their inclination for innovation.

Business as Usual: Voila! Reliance on past success plus keeping innovation at bay equals business as usual — every time.

Business Breakthrough

Chances are, though, not too many leaders really want to maintain the status quo. They want to excel. They want to operate with Breakthrough Performance that propels their organization into a more promising future. That requires two things:

  1. A High Grasp of Reality: understanding the realities of an enterprise situation – the good and the bad.
  2. A High Level of Generating Possibilities: creating an environment for innovation.

Add those two together and leaders will get a breakthrough mode of operation instead of business as usual. And that’s no elementary equation.

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