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What if your competitors reduced cycle time by 75%?

Do your management results stack up?

Breakthrough Performance leads to Speed-to-Results

It’s a Competitive World. Get There Faster with Speed-to-Results Consulting.

In the words of one CEO we interviewed:

“That’s always a true statement: The levers don’t always work and they don’t always make as big a difference as I’d like to see.”

Another executive, faced with a huge ERP implementation, said it this way:

“At this time, I would take a cut in pay to find a firm that provides an extraordinary elevation in people’s performance.”

Today’s highly competitive business climate demands performance that is a dramatic break from the past. Senior executives of large and complex organizations have an imperative to produce outcomes that are extraordinary, given the history of the organization and its current skills, resources, and circumstances. We call this new order of unprecedented results “Breakthrough Performance.”

Levers & Dials of Breakthrough Performance

Spend time with a senior executive discussing his or her concerns and commitments for the business, and in short order the conversation will center on, “What are the best levers and dials to elevate human performance?” More and more, we hear executives express frustration that the known methods to impact performance, such as skills training, setting clear objectives, monitoring performance, and motivating with rewards and consequences, cannot be counted on to reliably impact Breakthrough Performance.

Results create your future. Speed-to-Results create your precedent. Breakthrough Performance gets you there.

What is breakthrough performance?

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