The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) of a large logistics services company worked with Insigniam’s leadership development consultants to create a strategic context for the company. The CEO wanted to rollout this strategic context to the next level of management within the organization.

Prior to working on the strategic context, there had been a misalignment within the ELT which was now resolved. At the middle management level, the lack of coordination remained. Management complacency resulted from a culture unaccustomed to the new action-oriented approach of the ELTs.

Insigniam’s management consultants interviewed 35 key managers to get clear on middle management’s current mode of operation. The CEO then partnered with the consultants to design a 3-day offsite with both the ELT and middle management.

The work sessions enabled management to shape and align on a strategic context, deepening collaboration. After the strategic context was finalized, several key projects for elevating performance were identified and initiated.

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