Authenticity: A Key Enabler for Breakthrough Performance

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Authenticity as a gateway to Breakthrough Performance

Authenticity, passion, and purpose operate in a complementary fashion, stoking the fires of breakthrough performance. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, South Carolina, while the course was being renovated. Golf course construction is not my field of expertise. I am not well versed in what distinguishes good design and construction from poor design and construction. I am, however, curious and as such, ask a lot of questions. While it was fascinating to discover the myriad elements that go into golf course construction, something else struck me even more powerfully: you can’t fake authenticity. AND when authenticity is THE way of operating, new opportunities emerge. Where there is possibility, there is an opening for breakthrough performance.

No Passion Without Authenticity

What I encountered on that dusty, hot Saturday on the golf course were individuals, from the heavy equipment operators to the agronomist to the men with shovels, working purposely and more than willing to explain what they were doing. The explanation, I found, conveyed so much more than the mechanics of the task itself; instead, it offered a window into how that task, regardless of how menial or tedious it might seem, was embraced for the greater purpose of creating a world famous, championship golf course. There was a passion that was borne out of the individuals’ authentic pursuit of excellence in their respective crafts.

What does this have to do with breakthrough performance?

Simple. If you are looking for unprecedented results, or if business-as-usual performance is not sufficient for your company to achieve its goals, breakthrough is needed. If people do not feel passionate about an idea, it seems like merely another “to do.” However, when ideas are connected to authentic concerns and commitments of the individuals in the organization, passion will take over, fueling action and driving results. Those results are both tangible business results, as well as heightened employee engagement. That is a game worth playing!