Katerin Le Folcalvez

Partner – France

Katerin has partnered with clients across the globe to forward their intentions in leadership development, corporate governance, strategy design, and executive alignment.

Her clients include companies in the fast-moving consumer goods, automotive, manufacturing, consulting, pharmaceutical, and service industries. Clients credit Katerin for her energy and spirit, which, combined with questions that push wider and deeper thinking, catalyze a desire to create something together.

Under Katerin’s leadership, a major corporation restored a relationship with one of their main clients, resulting in a series of long-term deals that enabled them to keep their factories open. Katerin was instrumental in a large fast-moving consumer goods group’s transforming and deploying a new leadership culture worldwide, which enabled them to absorb growth and powerfully deal with economic downturns. Working with one of the world’s largest consulting firms, she helped develop a strong cadre of partners, resulting in business expansion and the launch of new practices.

Katerin holds an MBA from ESCP Europe.


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