Accelerating New Drug Development: Part IV: Are Your Stakeholders Engaged?

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In our previous discussions, we identified that alignment and commitment to the goal or project timeline — as well as bold, decisive, inspirational leadership and flawless project management — are all required to bring a new pharmaceutical offering to market faster and more efficiently.

With all of these pieces in place, it is essential that two remaining factors be met in order to achieve a real breakthrough — by way of healthcare innovation — and get the project over the threshold:

  1. Everyone must be organized around breakthrough thinking and results
  2. Critical stakeholders must be engaged and enrolled

Breakthrough Thinking and Results

No one ever said that bringing a life-changing drug to market was going to be an easy task. However, everyone on the development and submission teams must maintain a constant commitment to breakthrough thinking and results.

In practice, this means taking personal accountability — taking a stand in meetings (even when it’s not easy) and approaching issue resolution with great velocity — to ensure that no one is getting stuck when a problem or issue arises.

Engaging All Critical Stakeholders

Stakeholders at all levels, just like deliverables, timelines, and even breakdowns, must be managed. It’s extremely importantly that senior managers develop a regular cadence and constantly address their concerns.

To maintain consistent and enrollment and engagement, senior leaders must create an environment of open and honest communication. Only then will people feel comfortable to say, “I have an issue, and I want to get it on the table.”

Why is this so important? People are often reluctant to voice background concerns — wanting to handle it on their own — out of fear of “looking bad.” This is counterproductive and, at worst, destructive.

By creating an environment and process to resolve concerns and breakdowns — one that examines facts instead of interpretations — everyone can tackle the solution together. And with everyone thinking about breakthroughs and results, critical stakeholders will remain engaged.

As you can see, the science of accelerating breakthrough pharmaceutical drug projects takes the same level of care and dedication as developing and testing the drugs themselves. And if you want to achieve success, a little self-diagnosis to ensure all factors are aligned could be just what the doctor ordered.