Tying Together Athletics and Corporate Success

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Recently, there has been more and more discussion regarding the benefits of hiring athletes. In contrast to common knowledge, this does not only include former Division 1 athletes, but also professional and amateur athletes as well. Why is this? I give you what I believe to be the greatest benefits that an athlete of any advanced nature can bring to the table.

    1. Resiliency and Purpose

Have you ever trained for a marathon and, in the midst of one of your record-setting distance runs, thought that you may not be able to continue on? It would be much easier to stop. No one is watching. But you continue on. You are able to recognize your physical and emotional pain and push through it anyway.

What many do not realize is that true progress and self-discovery come to those who survive the discomfort of pushing past what they previously believed to be their limits. To athletes, rules and limits (to a reasonable degree) are adjustable. Distances are meant to be outlasted. Race times and Sales Numbers are meant to be beaten.

    1. Ability to Deal with Failure

To be an expert, you must fail time and time again: lost games, missed buzzer beaters and 1,000 attempts at a given skill. Failure is part of the game and a major part in the molding of an athlete. Athletes are able to take failure and despite the emotion that comes with it, step back and say: “This is just one step closer to success.”

They realize that failures of all kinds have the potential to be lessons that eventually lead to success.

    1. Experience Working in Teams

Most athletes are in team sports. Ask one of them if they have ever been the bench player, the injured teammate or the star of the team. Many athletes have had experience in at least two of these roles.

In their corporate environment, athletes are able to understand and find the value in their role. In the smallest of roles, they are able to set ego aside and decide to be the best teammate that you have ever seen.

    1. Constant Self-improvement

Ask any successful athlete at what point they will decide to stop progressing. I guarantee you that they will look at you with a very confused expression.

Most runners do not have a “lifetime goal time” at which they will stop trying to improve. No volleyball or basketball player will quit practicing for improvement at a given number of points scored in a game.

Athletes are not afraid to constantly push for more. It is not that they will never be enough. It is that they are driven by the prospect of finding their true best, and you never know what that is unless you strive for greater.

These are just a few of the “X Factors” that an athlete of any kind can bring to the table. With these tools in their toolbox, athletes are able to strive for greater, learn from their failures and excel under pressure in both their personal lives and for their firm, all while pushing their teammates and coworkers to do the same.