Gaining Complete Buy-In Enables Successful Change Management

Client Result A Culture that Fuels Our Strategy, Enabling Successful Change, Transformational Leadership

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A food product company needed to centralize and streamline processes to improve productivity. The intention was to facilitate global operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

The transition from being organized in functions to operating from a global shared services group required 100% authentic buy-in from the constituents. This buy-in was critical to rapidly capturing the productivity gains process transformation. Exceptional change management was essential to ensuring minimal disruption to current performance.

Insigniam’s change management consultants delivered work sessions designed to cause an alteration in how each participant related to the changes in structure and process.

During the session, each participant had the opportunity to commit to the new organization’s vision and strategy. This process executed the necessary behavioral changes to gain complete buy-in. The participants also learned skills and tools to enhance their productivity during the change, as well as manage the change for the company. As the sessions progressed, they began to view themselves as leaders of the changes and left with plans for how to be that leader in practice.