Most approaches to innovation strategic planning are like automobile rotaries that bring you back to the same place you started without providing any new scenery along the way.

Strategy Innovation is different

Strategy innovation demands something different from senior leadership than circling back on where you are today.  It first challenges where you are today and questions if that is where you need to be for a prosperous future.

Are You Where You Need To Be for the Brightest Future?

Every organization’s strategic direction is determined by conscious and unconscious assumptions about the future.  If not periodically challenged, these assumptions can steer organizations over a cliff.  Our experience with strategy innovation, is that once all future assumptions are objectively challenged, as many as one-third are proven to be limiting or just flat wrong.

Challenging Future Assumptions Aligns Leadership on Critical Future Forces

Once leadership and key stakeholders are aligned on the future forces that matter, they begin to see marketplace opportunities sooner.  Every organization we have led through the strategy innovation process, tell us the future happens faster – they experience “future pull”.

Future Pull is a Competitive Advantage

When you see future opportunities and threats before the competition, you are better able to capture the opportunities and nimbly avoid the threats.   This is a game changer in today’s world of limiting assumptions and near-sighted leadership.

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