Breakthrough Performance can occur during strategy design by taking an entirely new perspective.

How do you begin to look newly­—especially when there is sometimes a strong pull to roll out last year’s strategy, make some revisions, and move on?

A good place to start is by asking what assumptions, views, beliefs, and opinions are shaping the current strategy process.

This process is a bit like getting new glasses.  First the doctor tests your eyes to find the limits of your existing vision. Only then can the new prescription be made.

When you get the new pair of glasses, you can see what always has been there with clarity.

A similar process happens when you examine what predispositions exist surrounding your current strategy.

Having a fresh perspective produces strategic opportunities for breakthrough performance.

For example, one healthcare organization with a 76% market share needed a new strategy to generate $500 million of growth within a 5-year period. They could only identify $150 million from their current perspective.

  • By examining their existing assumptions and world-views they saw that their strategizing was based on simply taking what they were already doing and doing more of it or improving it.
  • They then realized that this past-based view of planning was clearly not going to get the new level of performance needed.
  • Next they began to look from a new perspective—one focused on the actual outcomes produced by their products.
  • Finally, from that perspective, they were able to see 1 billion dollars worth of growth opportunities and create four new businesses. (see, Insigniam Quarterly, Fall 2013)

Like an old pair of glasses, often a hidden worldview shapes and colors what opportunities, threats, or challenges your team can actually see.

This is because what is almost never noticed and examined is the lens, perspective, or context through which all of this is being viewed.

It is often only those old glasses—a previous worldview or assumptions for your business—that keeps you from creating a strategy that opens up the greatest possibility for breakthrough performance. What is the current worldview you are viewing your business through? How is it limiting your strategy?


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