Elegance, Integrity and Breakthrough Performance

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Performance and effectiveness are enhanced and increased by attention to integrity and elegance. If you are like me, this connection is not immediately obvious. What could be gained by making a connection?

As part of my work at Insigniam and even before, integrity has been recognized as important in any area of performance. My colleagues and I join many others who believe that the level of integrity associated with performance is a determining factor in how well the performance goes and what is needed for the performance.

What does this actually look like?

For instance, if a person rides a bicycle that is in perfect condition and then rides that bicycle after it is damaged, performance will be impacted. The integrity of the bicycle affects the performer’s ability, including it may take more energy to perform the same ride.

If you look at examples of performance which are familiar to you, you will see this phenomenon play out in sports, using machines, products of all kinds, and for employees. For instance, meetings where all attendees are ready to begin a meeting on time, including any preparation for the meeting, can be productive at a higher level than those where people stagger in, don’t show up and don’t let anyone know, and/or work on their mobile devices during the meeting.

The level of integrity sets the condition for performance and results and impacts what can be accomplished.

How does elegance fit?

Integrity starts with an outcome to be accomplished and a design of what actions to take. The definition of elegance includes simplicity and consistency of design, clarity, and being highly effective. Think about something that makes you happy to use, a product or a service. High functionality and effectiveness will be right there. You will be looking forward to using it again; elegance adds an attractiveness or charisma.

How might business benefit from an increase of elegance?

Bringing more elegance to work could increase the level of integrity and increase the optimal conditions and environment for performance and results. Leaders throughout an organization can add elegance to
their plans and improve effectiveness. In fact, employees throughout an organization could include the principle of elegance in small and large ways.

I love the idea of my workday having more elegance, how about you?